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Books: A Win-Win-Win Gift for Children and Teens

Updated: Jan 6, 2022


I once wrapped up a well used copy of Robert Fulghum’s, All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten, and put it under the Christmas tree as a gift for our teenage daughter. She would be receiving her very first cell phone (Parenting Mistake #752), as her present. We needed a decoy gift as the phone could not be picked up until Boxing Day. Normally, I give new books that the receiver will not roll their eyes at. This experience confirmed my philosophy; that a thoughtfully chosen book is a win for everyone. The only win in the used book as a decoy gift was me, the bad mother having fits of laughter on Christmas morning.

It’s obvious the child and the gift giver benefit from this, but who is the third winner in this trifecta of gift giving? Hopefully, it is a local and independently owned book store.

A Win for the Child

Children read well-loved books over and over. Favourites are often saved in life-long collections. Even if the book is only read once, the escape to the magic of the printed word is good for the brain, heart, and soul.

Kids don’t need to know this, but parents do. Reading skills are improved by—you guessed it, READING. Does it matter what type of material is read? Nope. It can be a magazine, comic book, novel, non-fiction, a drawing book... Any style of reading material will work, as long as it is interesting or fun.

Here’s an idea. How about a book for the favourite little dancer in your life? My Dancing Feet is beautifully illustrated and sure to entertain. This fun rhyming tale covers the dance year from start to finish. Also included are pages in the back to record memories. Great for ages 3 - 8! Being the author, I’m slightly biased when it comes to this suggestion. Feel free to skip over it, if dance isn't on your recipient's list of interests.

Click below to check out or order, My Dancing Feet.

Maybe you have a hockey player, dog lover, or swimmer. A personalized book from Eman Books would be a treasured keepsake for them. Their name on the cover and in the story will make them want to read their special book over and over. These books also have pages at the back to record precious memories. Click below to learn more.

What a surprise! You can also order a personalized version of My Dancing Feet from Eman Books. I even have my own well-loved copy.

When selecting a book to gift, it's easy to find the right fit and ensure your likeability factor doesn’t slide down to an eye rolling rating of 2/10.

A Win For the Gift Buyer

We all know the feeling that comes from giving a gift and touching a heart. The satisfaction is multi-fold compared to receiving a gift, and is part of what makes giving a book a win for the buyer. The other bonus is you don't need to agonize over what to get, and whether or not your gift will be a hit. Giving books takes the stress out of holiday shopping, because it's quick and painless. These days, buying books that match interests and reading levels couldn’t be easier.

How to Find the Right Book

Ask for help at your nearest bookstore by telling them the age and likes of the youngster you are buying for.


Type your question and details into your good friend, Google. A good match is not hard to find. You’ll probably end up with too many choices that are a great fit.


If it’s a teen, you might want to go with an eye-rolling selection just for payback. Except, that would be related to Parent Mistake #17: Revenge is Never Worth It.

A Win For A Local Business/Independent Book Seller

You’ve probably heard that many smaller bookstores have gone out of business, or are risk of doing so. If you’re able to purchase from an independent seller, that’s a boost to your community. If you’re like me, and there is no bookstore where you live, consider ordering online from some of the independents. is one option to purchase books online and support independent book sellers.

A few independent booksellers to check out in Alberta are: There’s something magical about opening a crisp new book at any age. The spell continues each time you return to it. Perhaps the eye rolling I received, was caused by a lack of magic from a second hand gift, and not an unimpressed teen.

Hoping we all find some reading magic under our Christmas tree this year. All the best to your and yours!



I'd love to hear what books you gave and/or received this Christmas. Send me a message in the form below.


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